Short overview

The idea is to give "help to help yourself". In "Siebenbuergen", Romania able and willing people get training to learn to start and run their own small business and to learn to run them according to Christian principles. The help is given through materials and training. To call forth more initiative from the individuals they have to organise building activities and get the necessary materials so that production can start.

Our local partner in Oradea, Romania is the organisation ROMCOM with four Romanian employees. They do the co-ordination, coaching and checking of the Projects. ROMCOM is registered as a Social Union with a general purposes for the common good. ROMCOM has their own storehouse at a central location. It is used to store machines and materials that are sent in for business purposes before they get passed on.

In the years from 1991 to 1993, a "pilot-project" was undertaken. Twenty-five enterprises received equipment and the managers were trained. In 1994, in co-operation with the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs (EDA), another 25 enterprises were also equipped and the managers trained in the basic principles of business management. The results were very positive. Out of nothing, enterprises with up to 20 employees and apprentices came about. They are all working independently today. By autumn 1998 there were 180 businesses altogether, with over 1’000 jobs created.

These and other small businesses are in a trade union to help each other and put efforts together in training of upcoming workers. This Union was founded by Romanian businessmen who have agreed to work uprightly, and has become an important partner in our project. This union and others like it are increasing the chance of our projects having a lasting effect. Through a fund within ROMCOM, a "Know-How-Transfer" is secured, through which a independent development is made possible.

Successful enterprises are an important backbone for the development of a healthy economy in Romania. To make people take more initiative is crucial for the development of Romania. We are very happy to be able to say that we see that in our enterprises this responsibility is taken very seriously and we see success.

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