6. Reporting

The manager of ROMCOM works according to weekly schedules that are agreed with the project leadership and reports weekly by fax about developments of the project. 8 visits are made in a year by the project leadership to asses needs and make basic decisions. During the yearly management seminars concrete problems are being discussed and get reported to the project leadership. The project manager writes up reports regularly that are submitted to the presidium of the COM and the EDA. The books of the COM gets checked through a trust company in Burgdorf, Switzerland.


7. Evaluation

Our experience from this project have shown, that there is a big demand for this kind of help. The idea of this project and the concrete outworking of it have been efficient and successful.


8. Thanks for
your contribution

The Christian East-Mission (COM) thanks you in the name of many new business men in Romania for your financial support of this project.

Bank Account for your contribution:
Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Worb
No. 352.778.40 N

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