4. Fundraising/Budget

We are working with the assumption, that we want to equip 20 to 30 new businesses per year. For that we need a basic capital of about (Swiss Francs 500'000.--) $ 350'000.--. This amount comes together through donations from individuals, churches and funds from the Swiss Departement of Foreign Affairs (EDA). With about sFr 3'300/$2000.-- we are able to create a job which will give income to a whole family for many years.

Up to 1998 we were able to create over 1’000 jobs through this project in Romania.


5. Organisation and Responsibility

The "Christian East Mission" (Christliche Ostmission = COM) working out of Worb, Switzerland carries the responsibility. COM has 20 years of experience in working in Eastern Europ in giving practical help.

The "East-mission" is represented in Romania in ROMCOM, Oradea. It does all the administrative work in connection with this project, such as the import of machinery and drawing up of contracts with the beneficiary. The four workers also give technical assistance in setting up new machinery and help with possible problems with fixing them. They also check on the proper running of the business and that the beneficiary is keeping his books properly.

The Romanian trade union "ROMCOM" - a part of our ROMCOM-organisation - helps the Project by their involvement in choosing able members for it and through development help of the started businesses. They organise Seminars for further training give training concepts for running apprenticeships, exchange of experiences and co-ordinated efforts in purchase and/or sale.

Co-operation with the "Society for private business" in Satu Mare, led by a member of Parliament, gives us valuable information and contacts.

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