2. Concept/Strategy


Job creation, `creation of value', developing of a healthy economy and healthy churches should all come about through setting up of independent small businesses.

Able and willing trained specialists with Christian ethical principles, independently of their denomination, should be given the possibility to start a business and develop jobs for apprentices and employees. Successful businesses and presentable products should give enthusiasm for others to become independent and for production of better quality products.


Our help is, giving a workable infrastructure for leading/managing a business. The beneficiary needs to get the building and get it ready and he also needs to get the material for the production. We help in getting the necessary equipment and training.

The Beneficiary rents the equipment for a small price for 5 years. After this, it becomes his property unless his management of the business is not satisfactory. For another five years, he is not allowed to sell the equipment without our agreement. This way we cut down on misuse of our help.


The management training is done by Mario Bruehlmann in five steps:

1. Step

  • basic business principles
  • Christian ethics in business
  • business-plan

2. Step

  • basis of marketing
  • exchange of experiences

3. Step

  • finances / calculations
  • exchange of experiences

4. Step

  • people management / leadership
  • how to work with employees, clients, suppliers and government/administration

5. Step

  • Individual consultation and help at work

The business unions have the task of encouraging mutual help and the training of the future work force. Starting in 1995, we are helping business unions with Know How-Transfers to encourage lasting effectiveness. To further this cause, we have a fund within ROMCOM which is financed through COM and EDA, as well as through income from rent from ROMCOM.

Mario Bruehlmann is responsible for the management training. He has 20 years of experience in industry and his own management training consulting firm. The pilot project has shown, that he is able to pass on his management knowledge in a simple and easy to grasp way. He is well respected among the Romanian businessmen and they trust him fully. They are eager to put into practice all they have learned as precisely as possible.

Further specific training is given through other specialists from Switzerland.

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